Kenyans Blame Corrupt Government for Escalating Al-Shabaab Violence


When al-Shabaab militants stormed University College of Garissa early on Thursday morning no one knew that by the end of the day 148 would be dead, constituting Kenya’s deadliest terrorist attack in 17 years.

What most Kenyans did know is that they had lost faith in their government’s ability to keep Kenya safe from al-Shabaab’s increasingly deadly presence. Since 2011, it is estimated that more than 300 people have been killed by terrorist attacks in Kenya.

“This is an issue of security and the government. It’s not an issue that is starting now—it’s been an issue that has been going on for a while. The security matter should be taken seriously and they’ve completely neglected the issue,” said Hussein Malaam, a student at University College of Garrisa who was awoken early on the morning of the attacks by a phone call from a friend warning him not to go to…

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