Our Plan for Countering Violent Extremism Our Plan for Countering Violent Extremism (John Kerry)

John Kerry

“Together, my friends, we have a very significant generational job to do, and it requires a lot more than sympathetic words and fine sentiments. We have to build firewalls against ignorance and hate, and we’re going to have to develop plans for effective action that is going to reach into local communities and at-risk neighborhoods on every continent. And we’ve got to bring real and timely help to areas of the globe that are on the front lines or next in line as targets for terrorist infiltration. We have to teach skills, create jobs, develop positive role models for young people whose minds have not yet been grabbed and stolen and affected. And we have to encourage development of police and judicial systems which will deny safe havens to terrorists and that will treat all people fairly so that the feelings of alienation and exclusion don’t spread among minority groups in whichever country it might be.

We have to fight every single day against the corruption that erodes faith in authority and contributes powerfully to feelings of cynicism and despair. Remember that Tunisian fruit vendor wasn’t part of any religious movement; he was tired of being slapped around by a police officer and denied his ability to be able to sell his goods on a street corner. And so he self-immolated, and thus began a whole wave of events of people reacting to their powerlessness. So we have to win the battle of ideas on the social media and we’ve got to empower women, because no society will move forward if half of its population is held back.”

Read the full speech here.

Original Source: http://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2015/02/237596.htm


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