Preserving Ukraine’s Independence, Resisting Russian Aggression: What the United States and NATO Must Do (Brookings)

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This policy guide advocates:

  • “The White House and Congress should commit serious funds to upgrade Ukraine’s defense capabilities, specifically providing $1 billion in military assistance this year, followed by an additional $1 billion each in the next two fiscal years;
  • The U.S. government should alter its policy and begin providing lethal assistance to Ukraine’s military and;
  • The U.S. government should approach other NATO countries about also providing military assistance to Ukraine.”

Read the full article at:–_8Z1inxXyV-johaZFwsbJTUFcCGp5gmek9a3tSuOzZrgYIapXApGY60P9ju2Gy5516bEs55xq4AHR5Px_-w6Qtc2K5g&_hsmi=15842643


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