Terrorist ‘Frenemies’ (Politico)

Matthew Levitt’s excellent analysis in Politico paints a portrait of the relationship between IS and AQ as they pragmatically work against the “far” enemy in the West.

  • The Kouachi brothers traveled to Yemen and met with AQAP elements.
  • AQAP claimed responsibility for the Paris attack.
  • Coulibaly claimed he worked in concert with the Kouachi brothers, and pledged allegiance to ISIS.
  • AQAP called Coulibaly’s attack a coincidence.
  • The wives of the Kouachi brothers may have spoken to the wife of Coulibaly.


See the article at: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/01/isil-terrorist-frenemies-114342.html#.VLxOtkfF9rY


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