Hezbollah Qusayr Victory | Al Quds We Are Coming | علي مدد


This Electronic Resistance video praises the military prowess of Hezbollah in the Battle of Qusayr.

Key findings in the video include:

  • Nasrallah’s commitment to Palestine and to the unified Shia ummah.
  • Conflicting messages on the victory – one verse claims the victory was promised by Nasrallah, while another lyric notes that the victory was unexpected.
  • The lyrics also note that Hezbollah’s mission was for the defense of religious sites in Syria, as “Hezbollah came to Al-Sham to protect the shrines / From the most hateful army – do not blame us.”
  • The lyrics also suggest Hezbollah was willing to expand the war globally – “Don’t underestimate Hezbollah. We’ll sacrifice for you anywhere in the world. Even if it’s in the furthest country.”
  • The primary military target of Hezbollah at Qusayr was Nusra, who “Suffered day and night.”
  • Hezbollah troops conducting battle drills with M-16s, M203s, PKMs, RPGs, AKs, mortars, recoilless rifles, and Katusha trucks.

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