YPG/YPJ Launch Operation To Liberate Miştenûr Hill

The Rojava Report


YPG/YPJ forces have launched an offensive to liberate the Miştenûr district and nearby Miştenûr hill, a strategically important position to the south-east of Kobanê which overlooks the city – according to an article in today’s Özgür Gündem. YPG/YPJ fighters have already cleared ISIS forces from two avenues leading to the hill, and 19 ISIS fighters have been killed in the fighting thus far.  The liberation of Miştenûr would make it increasingly difficult for ISIS to keep its presence in the surrounding area and could single the beginning of the end for ISIS in  Kobanê .

The beginning of the operation was announced by the YPG Press Center, which declared that its forces were making progress all along the Northern and South-Eastern Fronts. According to the statement:

YPG/YPJ forces launched an operation against the education district in the northern part of the city and completely cleared the area of ISIS following heavy…

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