Who Are the “Lions of Rojava?”

Lions of Rojava


The Lions of Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) are Western volunteers who serve with Kurdish YPG People’s Defense Units in northern Syria. Most members are ethnic Kurds from the Europe or former American or British military personnel.

Known members include:

  • James Hughes from Reading, U.K.
  • Jordan Matson from the Sturtevant, Wisconsin, U.S.
  • Rahel Qadir, from Sweden
  • Jamie Read from Lanarkshire, U.K.
  • Gill Rosenberg, from Canada


See The Lions of Rojava’s Twitter at: https://twitter.com/thelionsofrojav

See The Lions of Rojava’s Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lions-Of-Rojava/290140627860127

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WaPo. How Western ‘foreign fighters’ are being recruited online to join Kurds against Islamic State.” November 24, 2014.



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