What is cyberterrorism? (ICSR)


Dr. Thomas Rid of the War Studies Department provides an overview of cyberterrorism, including

  • The disputed definition of cyberterrorism, which Rid defines as – “attacking critical infrastructure in the form of sabotage terrorizing people through the use of computer code.”
  • No militant groups have executed any cyberterrorism attacks, but such an attack may happen.
  • As of now, those who have the intent, do not have the capabilities, and those who have the capabilities, do not have the intent.
  • The only violent cyber attack has been Stuxnet.
  • The categories of cyber attacks (crime, espionage, subversion/hacktivism, sabotage)
  • In order to execute a cyberterrorism attack, the party must have sufficient target intelligence and engineering skills.



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