Why Secrecy Should Take a Back Seat in Our Intelligence on the Sony Hack


When you’re attacked by a missile, you can follow its trajectory back to where it was launched from. When you’re attacked in cyberspace, figuring out who did it much harder. This reality of international aggression in cyberspace will change how we approach defense.

Many of us in the computer security field are skeptical of the U.S. government’s claim that it has positively identified North Korea as the perpetrator of the massive hack on Sony in November 2014. The FBI’s evidence is circumstantial and not veryconvincing. The attackers never mentioned the movie that became the centerpiece of the hack until the press did. More likely are random hackers, who have loved to hate Sony for over a decade, or possibly a disgruntled insider.

On the other hand, most believe that the FBI would not sound so sure unless it was convinced. And Obama would not have imposed sanctions

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