American Advanced Aircraft Reversed Engineered

Iranians created a RQ-170 Clone.



Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Air Force, announced that the IRGC flew an Iranian RQ-170 drone in November 2014, modified to carry out both bombing and reconnaissance missions.

Smaller (60%) sized than an American RQ-170 Sentinel.

Intended to be used in an anti-ship warfare role against American surface ships in the Persian Gulf.

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Chinese copy stealth fighter technology with the FC-31

China showed off its Shenyang FC-31 fighter (F-35 clone) at the Zhuhai air show.



The FC-31 initial intelligence reports suggest that the airframe has a weakness – it “bleeds” or loses altitude when it turns.

This action may be a show of force with the heightened media tension because of the APEC talks in November 2014.

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China may have obtained a sample of the tail section of the stealth helicopter lost in Afghanistan during Operation Neptune Spear.



American intelligence officials claimed that Chinese personnel, in Abbottabad with the permission of the Pakistani Government, took photos and samples of the wreckage.

Chinese and Pakistani sources deny these allegations.

The tail rotor was supposedly shipped back to the United States.


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