Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at the Global Counterterrorism Forum


“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry co-chairs the Global Counterterrorism Forum in New York, New York on September 23, 2014. A text transcript can be found at:

The Global Counterterrorism Forum serves as a forum of best practices to counter current terrorist threats, as well as to anticipate and to prevent future threats.

Secretary Kerry described the primary terrorist threat today as ISIL, as they have taken territory, conducted mass executions, sold women into sexual slavery, and launched a genocide against the Yazidi people.

Key mechanisms to counter ISIL include American airstrikes against the terrorist group in Syria, the cooperation of Turkey against ISIL, and “no civilized country can shrink its duty to prevent this cancer from spreading” through a “common strategy.”

Long term problems that induce radicalization  included poverty, ungoverned spaces, bad governance, foreign fighters, the flow of unchecked remittances, and youth population bulges, making a counterterrorism narrative imperative.

Moreover, “security measures alone will not be enough to  check this problem,” making the mind the central battlefield on the Global War on Terror.


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