Islamist Militants on Israel’s Doorstep: The War Next Door (Vice News)


This documentary explores the relationship between Israeli and the competing factions of the Syrian Civil War. Highlights include:

  • The rescue of 3 wounded Syrian fights from the conflict zone into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
  • The report that Israeli might be sheltering Syrian fighters
  • The fact that 90% of the wounded Syrians coming across the border are male and are of fighting age
  • An interview with a wounded FSA soldier in an Israeli hospital
  • The juxtaposition of ordinary life in the Golan Heights and war tourism
  • The hesitance of U.N. officials in Israel to give press statements
  • The preference of Israelis to have a de facto policy of benign non-interference with the Nusra Front rather than dealing with ISIS.
  • Israeli border security in the form of Bedouin trackers and SIGINT stations.

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